UNDER, is an underwater project. You must be able swim and you must be comfortable in the water to participate in this project. This project will require you to be underwater 10-30 seconds or longer if able. The concept of UNDER is simple. Capture beautiful flowing and emotional imagery underwater. Attire will be a flowing dress, unique flowing material or implied nude. I will have some attire for these shoots but you are welcome to bring attire that fits into what is being captured. I am open to your selection in the style of the shoot and attire but I will need to approve the attire that is chosen if any is being worn.

What will I receive for my involvement in the project?

The individuals involved will get the opportunity to review their images and will be able to select an allotted amount, but no images will be release prior to the end of the project. Once the project is closed and the project is released those allotted images will be distributed to those that were involved.


  • Able to swim
  • Female
  • 18 and over


These are some reference images to show an idea of what I'm looking to capture. (These are not my images and full credit goes to the artist that created them.)

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