If you are looking to get into photography or advance your photography skills, I have classes to fit your needs. Look at whats included in each class and select the one for you.


Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Class - $175
Whether you are brand new to Photoshop and Lightroom or you have been using it for a while, I can help you bring your editing skills up to the next level. My Photoshop and Lightroom class is designed to show you how you can use these two powerful applications together. We will spend time discussing how to use Photoshop as a photographer and how Lightroom will save you time and money. We will go over my editing techniques for beauty and fashion photography. During our 2 hours together, I will show you how to fix simple blemishes and work our way to full blown image adjustments.


Level 1 Class - $249
This 4 hour class includes camera usage, lens and lens selection, lighting, gear selection, image editing, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom usage, image archiving, collating images, subject selection, posing your model and we finish with an indoor shoot with a live model.


Level 2 Class - $349
The level 2 class include up to 4 hours of advanced lighting techniques, beauty and fashion editing, picking the right model, styling your model, working in a team environment, magazine submissions and publications and we finish with an indoor or on location shoot with a live model.


Drone Class - (Based off DJI Mavic Pro) - $199
In this class we will go over Drone Registration, drone setup, preflight checks, safe flying, flight training, video recording and imagery.


Underwater Photography Class - $499
My underwater class will go over proper underwater gear, camera and housing selections, things to know about shoot underwater, lighting, model selection, model posing, underwater communication in a pool setting.


Each class come with a 50% discount on all Lightroom Presets from www.penniepresets.com

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